Why YOU Love Our Custom Children’s Books

custom children's books

Custom children’s books make the perfect Christmas gifts for little ones. Why?

For one, they are forever gifts that kids can cherish for a lifetime, alongside family photo albums and baby books.

They also promote family time—and snuggle time!

But most of all, kids love to go on the adventures that they find in books.  They are inspired by the vibrant artwork, in love with the silly characters and find unbridled joy when they see their own names throughout the personalized story.

But don’t just take it from us. We love to hear why YOU love our custom children’s books!

Customer Love

“I am so in AWE of the book that I purchased that I haven’t calmed down since it came in the mail. The dogs are avoiding me because I’m so giddy.”
–Jeanette R

Following Featherbottom

“Beautiful! I ordered our 6-year-old a book. She LOVES it!! She could not believe there was a book made with her name in it… she kept asking me how I found such a book… she was so shocked! She took it to school today to show her class. I heard her reading over and over again the page about ‘a beautiful girl.’”

–Karen V

“I had dinner with my boss a few weeks back and gave her the book for their new baby. She started to cry as she began reading the book, then turned to her husband and said, ‘This is the best gift we’ve gotten!’”

–Matt G

custom children's books

“Honestly, blown away by both the books and your customer service. My brother and sister-in-law said they almost cried when the book arrived and they read it aloud for the first time. When the older daughters got home and read through it, they had a great time picking through each of the pages and finding everything that began with that letter.”

–Karen B (Redmond, OR)

“My wife and I just ordered one for our little sister we sponsor through Big Brothers Big Sisters. I’ve got a bunch of nephews and nieces to hit up as their next birthday comes around. P.S. I had to put my name in just to see where my adventure took me too.”


 “Thank you to the brilliant, innovative, fun, creative, and astonishing creator of this book.  I ordered one for a new baby in our family and was so completely amazed with its uniqueness, beauty, quality, and meaning.  It is a wonderful product that makes both the receiver and the giver feel special and cherished.  I have not felt this level of pleasure ever in giving a gift.  AWESOME!  I loved the book so much that I have now purchased two more — one for each of my grandchildren.  From now on, this is the only gift I will consider giving to the parents of a newborn.  It is amazing, wonderful and magical.  Your customer service is superb as well.  Your business model is one that all companies should adopt and follow. Congratulations and thank you!”


 custom children's book

“My daughter (almost 5) was just given ‘Twas the Mouse Who Saved Christmas.  I honestly can’t think of a better gift to give.  My daughter loves this book and especially loves her role in it.  She is a young Kindergartner and I am always looking for new ways to help build her confidence.  This book makes her feel special and I can’t wait to order one for my son.  And I love your work with Project OpenBook!”


“I love that it’s appropriate for a baby gift and yet just as fascinating for our 6-year-old grandson. PERFECT for his identifying objects beginning with the letter on each page!”

–Joyce G

custom children's book

 “Oh my gosh!!!! The paper quality is perfect as is the vibrancy (Is that a word? It is now.) of the color on each page!!! Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful keepsake!!!!”

–Nancy A

New Ideas

And YOU even give us new ideas! We’d never thought to order custom children’s books for our adult friends!

“What a beautiful book! I had to order one for each of my grown daughters (no one is ever too old for such a unique book). Picking where the letter comes from is a great option. It allowed me to picked places they have traveled to or hope to travel to, making it even more personal.”


Thank You

 A big thanks this holiday season for loving our personalized books and going on these journeys with MarbleSpark and our cast of characters!

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